The year was 1926, Houston, Texas, during the age of Prohibition.

Welcome to the Golden Key Speakeasy.

Where gangsters and bootleg booze ruled the city.

A playground of sin and revelry for the rich and famous.

An age when self-indulgence, debauchery and jazz were the only rules of the game.

And everything was to gain at the casino…and the only thing worth losing was innocence.

The gilded age of Houston’s elite.

When Houston was known as – Magnolia City.

A place where only a handful of men shaped the future and nothing could stand in their way.

Nothing but murder.

This is their kingdom…and you are invited.

Enter the parlor and meet the flappers and starlets who, on the hunt for fame and fortune, found a love instead.

But an affair in the heart of Magnolia City could be deadly.

Rub elbows with the likes of the dangerously dapper John Kirby and distillery tycoon Charles Romano.

Elegant. Charming. Stylish.

They built opulent Houston from the ground up. And that’s some dirty business.

Nobody’s clean in Magnolia City.

People who crossed them had a way of disappearing for good.

There’s no place to hide among these great Houstonians of the era – like Jakie Freedman and William Hobby.

‘Cause when the shots ring out – the pieces of the puzzle are not easily found.

Somewhere in the Speakeasy lies the body of an innocent man.

But what’s missing from this murder mystery?

Dance, mingle and keep your eyes peeled for clues.

Your nocturnal investigation might be missing something that’s right under your nose.

Not everyone is convinced that this was an accident…but who is concealing the truth?

Is it Mae West?

With glamour and wit to die for.

Is it Howard Hughes?

As the mystery depends, where can the next clue be found?

A spade is a spade. Or is it?

How about Sophie Tucker?

Since when do showgirls carry a gun?

This crime is an intricate puzzle. Can you piece it together and find the real killer?

It’s a mystery where all of your senses are engaged.

Friends are hard to come by in Magnolia City.

Sundays at the Golden Key Speakeasy.

Where you hold the key.

“In an immersive theatre production, the audience in some way plays a role, whether that is the role of a witness or the role of an actual character. They may be allowed to roam and explore the performance space as the performance happens around them, allowing them to decide what they see and what they skip. They might be herded from room to room so they see the key scenes. They might even be invited to become a more active part of the performance. The lines between performer and audience and between performance and life are blurred.” –

The Regulars

Whickey Lou

Whiskey Lou is the owner and host of the Gold Key Speakeasy. He is affable and charming, and a true lover of entertainment. Along with his partner, Jojo, He delights in presenting his clientele with an evening of music, fun, and, of course, booze.
Jakie Freedman is the owner of the Casino “Domain Privee”. He rose up from being a bellhop at a hotel to one of the most influential men in Magnolia City. He frequents the Gold Key to try and attract more high rollers to the casino. Jojo owes him a lot of money.


Mae West

Mae West is a true legend of Stage and Screen. An Actress, Singer, Dancer and Director, she is known all across the country. She always speaks her mind and never pulls her punches. She is falling for Jojo, but unaware that he has been dating Sophie Tucker as well.
Antoinette Concello is an aerial artist from the circus family “The Flying Concellos”. She is Beautiful, classy and graceful, and is known as “The Greatest Woman Flyer of All Time"

Antoinette Concello.

Sophie Tucker

Sophie Tucker is unlike the other superstars of the time; in that she doesn't fit the physical mold. Not as tiny or fit as the other stars, Sophie uses her wit and bold charisma to make her mark. She is sexy, funny, and full of energy. Sophie is seeing Jojo, and is unaware that Mae West has been as well.
George Hurrel is the “Photographer to the Stars”. His photographical work has won him national acclaim. Muriel is highly sought after by up and coming talent, and the Gold Key is the perfect place for him to shop for new clients!


Tony Romano

Joey “The Ripper” Romano is the current head of the Romano crime family, which provides the Gold Key (as well of most of Houston) with it’s bootleg whiskey. He is a hard man, who does not like being crossed. He is currently dating socialite Ruby Price, and is not thrilled by the rumors of her messing around with his cousin Tony.
Tony Romano is Joey’s Cousin and right hand man. Tony has no problem “Taking care” of problems and obstacles to the Family’s business. Rumor has it that Tony has been seeing his cousin’s girl behind his back, a claim Tony vehemently denies.



Rocco is Jakie Freedman’s Bodyguard and enforcer. They may not be the brightest bulbs in the box, but they are very large and very strong.
Chief Wright is police chief for Magnolia City, and is on Whiskey Lou’s Dime. Wright keeps the cops out of the speakeasy, and in turn gets to drink for free. Chief Wright may overindulge in the Hooch from time to time, but no problems could arise that need his expertise in an illegal juice joint, right?

Chief Wright

Story based on historical figures and real events

Directed by LIAN PHAM