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In the play mode, it shows remaining or elapsed time, current Cut and the next Cut cued up. Select drives and directories. Review Cuts by scrolling through directory listing. Displays Cut name and time. "Hot Keys" for rapid playback of sixteen pre-assigned Cuts. Access Cuts from the current directory, or any other directory, by directly entering the assigned ID number. Use these 10 keys to enter Cut ID (index) numbers. Simply punch in the number and hit the ENTER key. ) Hit PLAY when ready for playback.

Press VIEW PLAYLIST. 3. Use the SELECT Arrows to step through the STACK. 4. Press VIEW PLAYLIST to exit. Note: RC-205/210/220 VIEW PLAYLIST may be used to set the next Item for Play in a ROTATING STACK. Remote Control Owner's Manual Second Edition March 1997 Page 28 VIEWING ITEMS IN A STACK WHILE PLAYING 1. Press VIEW PLAYLIST while the list is playing. XXXX (Name Playing) Note: (Name) MM:SS The number in the upper left portion of the screen shows the position of the Cut or Stack displayed on the top line.

Powered from Alpha Keyboard port on DigiCart Cable............................ 3' coiled, 5' maximum extended length; 5-pin standard DIN male connector. Connection to Alpha Keyboard port on DigiCart: mini 6-pin DIN male connector.

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