By John Walker

This is a easy primer if you happen to know the way to play chess and are searching for to enhance. each one 'thing' is defined in an easy-to-follow lesson, that's by way of routines that allow the reader to examine that she or he has totally understood the concept that. themes contain: the elemental checkmates; crucial endgame wisdom; strategies and combos; middlegame topics; usual checkmating styles; starting play.

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You see that you can sacrifice pieces to smash away the king's defences. But are you winning? There are a lot of variations. It's complicated. You are not sure. If you can see that you have at least a draw by perpetual check it may be worth going ahead with the attack. You can look for ways of winning as you go along knowing that you won't lose! , allowing 2'iif7+ 'iixf7 3 :xf7+ �g8 4 e8'ii'+ (D). It is mate next move! Try for Yourself 1 1 Here, P. Ornstein had done just that. He had invested a rook and knight in his attack against T.

G6! (D) ... g 6 �f3 'ifxg2? g1 'ifh3? 9 �g5+ forks his king and queen. a b c d e f g h An amazing move ! The point is that the black queen will be cut off from the defence of f6. f8 but White's massive attack is still win­ ning after 16 �g5. Likewise 1 3 ... txg6 hxg6 15 �g5 offers no real defensive chances for Black. g3 'ifb6 11 'ifb3 (D) White is threatening to win a piece. xg8. OPENING PRINCIPLES Paris in 1 879 was the scene of this glori­ ous massacre. Schnitzler (White) was the winner and Alexandre (Black) his unfortu­ nate victim.

Remember that Black only has time to move his king across the board when the white king is in front of the pawn, prevent­ ing the pawn's advance. White has lost foolishly ! As long as he keeps his king on the squares g7 and g8 and only goes to h8 when he is forced to do so, he has nothing to worry about. 57 ENDGAME BASICS There is a similar problem when the pawn is on the f-file (or c-file). Black naturally begins with 1 'it'g6+ and White, instead of replying with the ob­ vious 2 'it>f8 which allows 2 ...

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