By Miyamoto Musashi

Investigates the heritage and philosophy of the conventional type of jap sword struggling with often called Kendo.

Japan in the course of Musashi's lifetime. --
Kendo. --
Kendo and Zen. --
Concerning the lifetime of Miyamoto Musashi. --
The works of Miyamoto Musashi. --
A publication of 5 earrings (go rin no sho) --
Introduction. --
The floor booklet. --
The water ebook. --
The hearth ebook. --
The wind e-book. --
The publication of the void

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Dojo "Dojo" means "Way place", the room where something is studied. Four Ways See Translator's Introduction for an explaination of the four classes in Japanese society. Carpenter All buildings in Japan, except for the walls of the great castles which appeared a few generations before Musashi's birth, were wooden. "Carpenter" means architect and builder.

To attain the Way of strategy as a warrior you must study fully other martial arts and not deviate even a little from the Way of the warrior. With your spirit settled, accumulate practice day by day, and hour by hour. Polish the twofold spirit heart and mind, and sharpen the twofold gaze perception and sight. When your spirit is not in the least clouded, when the clouds of bewilderment clear away, there is the true void. Until you realise the true Way, whether in Buddhism or in common sense, you may think that things are correct and in order.

Methods apart from these five - hand twisting, body bending, jumping out, and so on, to cut the enemy - are not the true Way of strategy. In order to cut the enemy you must not make twisting or bending cuts. This is completely useless. In my strategy, I bear my spirit and body straight, and cause the enemy to twist and bend. The necessary spirit is to win by attacking the enemy when his spirit is warped. You must study this well. Use of Attitudes of the Long Sword in Other Schools Placing a great deal of importance on the attitudes of the long sword is a mistaken way of thinking.

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