By J P Barnaby

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Slowly, I got to my feet and stumbled to the dresser where I found a loose pair of shorts and a t-shirt. After several tries to get them on, I carefully made my way down the stairs, taking even measured steps. Stretching my legs or my arms too far sent a screaming pain through my body. One excruciating step at a time, I made my way down the stairs, leaning heavily on the railing. When I got to the kitchen doorway, I heard voices. “…give a damn. ” It was Jayden’s voice and the conviction with which he spoke, made my heart a little lighter.

Lexi ran to me, hugging me carefully. She pulled back just slightly and put her small hand on my cheek. ” She asked, stroking my cheek like I had done hers so many times before. “Fabulous,” I said with wry humor. Smirking at me before she became serious again, she looked back at Jayden and he nodded. “Ethan, would you come and stay with us for a little while? Please? We love you so much and I can’t stand to see you in pain like this. ” As if seeing them happy and in love was going to help. But, she was right.

Each of them knew, maybe in their own way, and with their own perceptions about what it meant that he had violated me. They all knew what he had done to me and the shame, the horror of it, rose like bile in my throat. ” I felt his cool hand on my back and I winced. “His skin is so warm; these cuts may have started to become infected. Nicole, can you go start a lukewarm shower? ” I heard both women leave the room. Jayden took what sounded like a deep steadying breath and then pulled the sheet the rest of the way off my body.

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