By S. Chandrasekhar, Kameshwar C. Wali

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D. Soviet Union, I, 285, I932)- ' l niay also be pointed out that the law P = K3p*" is implicit in certain equations in a paper by F. f. Physik, 47, 542, 1928, equations in §§ 13, 17 ; our equation (6) above is a limiting form of Juttner's integral Q(a, y ; +1)). This last work of Juttner is related to his earlier work on the relativistic theory of an ideal classical gas, for a convenient summary of which see W. Pauli, Relativitdtstheorie (Leipzig, Teubner), § 49. [224] done and the results are tabulated in Table V.

The upper dotted curve corresponds to the polytropic distribution n = 3/2 and the lower dotted curve to the polytropic distribution n = 3. The inner curves represent the density distributions for i/y 0 * =°-8, o-6,0-5, 0-4, 0-3, 0-2, o-1, -05, -02, -oi respectively. —The equation has been derived by Stoner (among others),f but we shall give a simpler derivation of the same. In a completely degenerate electron assembly all the electrons have momenta less than a certain "threshold" value />„, and in the region of the * Dr.

Chandrasekhar, CORES. D. i. When Professor Milne began his investigations on stellar structure the following problem in specific relation to the standard model was in the forefront of his studies. , defining the constant ratio of the gas to the total pressure in the configuration. The relation in question is of course Eddington's quartic equation. Call the appropriate £, fiM. Has the star equilibrium configurations when fi=tflu? Professor Milne himself supplied the first part of the answer. If, for a prescribed mass M, (i — y3) were greater than (i - fiM), then the outer parts of the configuration must be described by centrally condensed f singularity possessing solutions of Emden's equation with index 3 ; on the other hand, if (1 -jS) were less than (1 -jSj,), then the outer parts must be described by collapsed solutions of Emden's equation.

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