By Day Leclaire

FARYTALE WEDDINGS Nikki Ashton was once invited to a wedding—her personal! the muse in the back of the Cinderella Ball was once simple—come unmarried, go away wed. by way of middle of the night ideal strangers may well locate themselves married…as if by means of magic! to maintain her love-struck boss, Eric, at bay, Nikki Ashton had advised him she used to be fortunately married. the marriage ring have been easy—all she wanted now was once a husband! Jonah Alexander appeared heaven-sent. regrettably he'd come to the ball to forestall a marriage, no longer commence one! He was once confident his brother Eric used to be approximately to make the largest mistake of his life—marrying Nikki Ashton. yet then he learned Nikki wasn't loads expecting her husband-to-be as buying him…. "Day Leclaire writes terrific romance tales that go away the reader with a grin and a hot heart." —Debbie Macomber FAIRYTALE WEDDINGS

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The criticism struck hard and cut deep. " came the harsh retort. " she asked apprehensively. "I'm saying that I intend to analyze your performance over the past year. " She leaped to her feet, her hands balling into fists. " His anger erupted with tangible force, reflected in the taut line of his jaw and the hot sparks of gold flaming to life in his eyes. "Our marriage is an inconvenient means of salvaging an untenable situation. " "How dare-" "Oh, cut the self-righteous indignation," he snapped.

Please begin the ceremony," Nikki requested, perfectly calm and collected. Perfectly willing. " With a rakish grin, Jonah plucked a single rose from the nearest vase and handed it to her. At her questioning look, he shrugged. " The ceremony was surprisingly brief, as per their request. Just before the minister pronounced them husband and wife, he peered at them over his spectacles. " he asked. "We have them on hand. They're tokens, really. " "I already have a ring," Nikki told Jonah in a hesitant undertone.

She slipped it off her finger and dropped it into his outstretched palm. " The minister dutifully fetched a tray of rings. The third one Jonah tried fitted. To her surprise the design on his ring almost matched her own. In fact, if she didn't know better, she'd have believed it to be every bit as real. Even more real was the moment he slipped the ring onto her finger. It was a moment out of time, a brief instant in which their marriage attained a veracity and permanence she hadn't expected. It isn't a permanent marriage, she tried to tell herself.

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