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Pubescent, herbaceous lianas; pseudostipules absent. Leaves 12-14 × 8-10 cm, ovate, green, the apex acuminate, the base slightly cordate; petiole 3-4 cm. 5 cm, bracteate, the bract borne at the base of the ovary; calyx 9 cm, reddish-brown, the limb 5 cm, 1-lobed, nodded, papillate within; gynostemium 6-lobed, stipitate. Immature capsules ellipsoid, acropetal. Lowland rainforests. P (Davidse y D’Arcy 10075, MO). 0-500 m. ) 27. , Enum. Syst. Pl. 30 (1760). Aristolochia hastata Kunth, A. , A. ) Raf.

Moist forests. G (Hatch y Wilson 129, F). ) Flora Mesoamericana, Volume 2 (2), Aristolochiaceae, page 6 of 14 6. Aristolochia paracleta Pfeifer, Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 53: 135 (1966). Holotype: Guatemala, Steyermark 51269 (F). : Hojo del aire. Aristolochia mollis Standl. et Steyermark. Woolly lianas; pseudostipules absent. 2 cm. Flowers in few-flowered racemes; pedicel and ovary cm; calyx 5-7 cm, brown-purple, bent, the limb unequally 3-lobed, the midlobe lowermost, narrowly triangulate; gynostemium 3-lobed, stipitate.

24. Leaf venation palmate; calyx yellow-brown, the tube cylindric; capsule valves united only at apex. 16. A. grandiflora 24. 23. A. constricta 15. Leaf base truncate to slightly cordate (see description of 13 & 17). 25. Leaf venation palmate; calyx yellow brown; capsule 1-3 cm wide, the valves united only at the apex. 13. A. cordiflora 25. Leaf venation palmato-pinnate; calyx brown-purple; capsule 4-10 cm wide, the valves held together along their sides by persistent lattice-like septae. 17. A.

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