By J.W. Negele, Erich W. Vogt

This quantity includes significant articles, one supplying a old retrospective of 1 of the nice triumphs of nuclear physics within the 20th century and the opposite offering a didactic creation to at least one of the quantitative instruments for figuring out powerful interactions within the twenty-first century. this article is acceptable just for complicated graduate classes in nuclear physics.

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She tentatively suggests shell closure at 28 and also mentions how, in her scheme “the prevalence of isomerism towards the end of the shell, noticed by Feenberg and Nordheim, is easily understood”. This paper, Mayer (1949), sent as a “letter to the editor” of the Physical Review, was delayed by the editor who asked Feenberg, Hammack and Nordheim (1949) to write a letter in which they compared their schemes and Mayer’s scheme. These two letters were published in the same issue. Mayer’s Fifty Years of the Shell Model 15 paper is “On Closed Shells in Nuclei” and in the title of the other one the name “Nuclear Shell Models” appears explicitly, perhaps for the first time.

These sets of spin-isospin states are also bases of irreducible representations of the unitary group of transformations in the 4-dimensional space of spin and isospin states, constructed from single nucleon states with Transformations of this unitary group U(4), mix states with different spins and isospins but the Hamiltonian which does not contain spin and isospin operators, is trivially invariant under them. The eigenvalues depend only on the spatial parts of the eigenstates and, in particular, on their symmetry properties.

This leads to a convenient comparison of various potentials. As applications, relative positions of the levels with and were calculated for configurations in and also In all cases it was found that the cross over strongly depends on the shape of the potential. Of special interest was the case since several J = 7/2 levels in several nuclei were discovered, close to expected J = 9/2 levels and sometimes even lower than the latter. Goldhaber and Sunyar assigned them to configurations. The calculations produced for certain potentials low lying J = 7/2 levels but not as ground states for any range.

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