By G.D. Aurbach and Donald B. Mccormick (Eds.)

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I believe that the bulk of the most reliable evidence favors a facultative component to diet-induced thermogenesis in normal man and that the main sources of contradictory results lie in the heterogeneity of the subjects and in certain limitations of the methods and protocols employed. In one of the earliest studies of the reaction to a diet low in protein (Stirling and Stock, 19681, emphasis was on the liver, which showed an increase in a-glycerol-phosphate dehydrogenase, leading to less efficient formation of ATP.

A mixed meal given 4 hours after exercise induced a greater fraction of lipid oxidation and persisted to the following day. Devlin and Horton (1985) measured the thermic response to infused insulin at two concentrations using the euglycemic clamp procedure in normal untrained subjects 12-16 hours after exercise t o exhaustion. These lean subjects showed a significant 3-7% in- 24 ETHAN A. H. SIMS crease in basal energy expenditure; lipid oxidation was also increased, while that of glucose was reduced.

1981). Again, P-adrenergic blockade blunts this thermic effect. This effect is independent of glucose uptake by muscle and can only partially be explained by increased synthesis of glycogen. Fasting causes a decrease in both plasma glucose and insulin. Lilavathana et al. (1978) dissociated the two effects by measuring the insulin response with or without glucose infusion adequate to maintain plasma glucose concentration. Fasting lowered plasma insulin equally under either condition. Christin et al.

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