By Wayne Gladstone

Gladstone, the so-called "Internet Messiah," has not just did not deliver again the net, yet his seek has landed him in a brand new York urban psychiatric ward. the remainder of the area isn't doing so good both, jam-packed with disconnected net clients nonetheless jonesing for a repair, and an more and more draconian executive, interrogating and detaining a person deemed a "person of interest" less than the internet restoration Act.
For Gladstone, besides the fact that, discovering the web is less significant than heading to la to win again his ex-wife. he's taking up place of abode at the sofa of his outdated buddy, gossip-blogger Tobey, whereas attempting to rebuild his misplaced romance. but if Gladstone's previous magazine account of the web Apocalypse is going "paper viral," his newfound superstar places him on the leading edge of the net Reclamation stream. quickly he's a aim for shadowy executive brokers, and a reluctant collaborator with nameless who offers a clue that supplies to provide an explanation for the Internet's disappearance.
Full of humorous but slicing social observation, Agents of the web Apocalypse maintains the trilogy that imagines a dystopian global with out the net.

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Their ice bullets crack the ground beneath me and behind me. They can’t see me in this thick snowfall. They’re shooting blind. Probably using a life signs monitor and aiming for my red dot. The saw bullets are useless at this distance in the open. The advantage of saw-shots is that they ricochet when they hit hard surfaces, and cut through everything of a softer material (such as wood or flesh), and they do not lose momentum no matter how many walls they bounce off of or how many people they cut through.

It basically becomes an extension of your earlobe and amplifies sound waves. I can hear the footsteps of the snipers coming down the stairs after me. I can hear gun shots far in the distance. Examining my wound . . The ice bullet went into my mouth and pierced through my cheek, shattering two of my teeth and I think it cracked my jawbone a little. Another bullet grazed my right arm. The snipers are in the lobby now, walking carefully through the mannequins. I’m not an expert with the honey ear.

I want to check it out,” I say. He nods. There are at least a dozen of them we can see. They are spread out pretty far. I don’t recognize any of them. Mostly just uniforms and boots sticking out of the white. “Look for enemy corpses,” I tell LeForge and Chauney. Chauney breaks off and heads east. LeForge looks around at his feet for a few minutes before giving up. We inspect the area for several minutes. No enemy bodies. Just our men. Examining the bodies of our fallen allies, we find many of them have saw bullets in them.

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