By Roger Fischer, Ken Chernoff

A standard feel consultant to preserving and repairing all kinds of cooling and refrigeration devices.

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Chapter 5 gives you more information about resistors, but for now, just know that resistance is measured in units called ohms (symbolized as Ω) and that the resistor in this circuit is keeping the LED from being destroyed. The LED is symbolized by a triangle with a line segment on one end and two arrows pointing outward. The triangular part of the symbol represents a diode, and the two arrows facing out represent the fact that this diode emits light (hence, it is a light‐emitting diode). Diodes are part of a special class of electronic component known as semiconductors, which I describe in Chapter 9.

You will need it to attach leads to a few potentiometers (variable resistors). com). 062‐inch diameters, such as top‐of‐the‐line Kester 44 ($30 for a 1‐lb. spool). Figure 2-3: The Weller WES51 soldering station includes a temperature‐ adjustable soldering iron and a stand. 27 28 Part I: Fathoming the Fundamentals of Electronics  ✓✓ Hand tools: Must‐have hand tools include needle‐nose pliers for bending leads and wire and a multipurpose wire stripper/cutter (see Figure 2-4). The pliers also come in handy for inserting and removing components from your solderless breadboard.

Turning the flashlight on by sliding the black button to the left pushes the two pieces of metal together — or closes the switch — and completes the circuit so that current can flow. )  Chapter 3: Running Around in Circuits Figure 3-3: Closing the switch completes the conductive path in this flashlight, allowing electrons to flow. Sometimes open circuits are created by accident. You forget to connect a battery, for instance, or there’s a break in a wire somewhere in your circuit. When you build a circuit using a solderless breadboard (which I discuss in Chapters 2 and 15), you may mistakenly plug one side of a component into the wrong hole in the breadboard, leaving that component unconnected and creating an open circuit.

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