Каталог авиационных товаров.Aircraft Spruce area of expertise has released a brand new, all-color, 88-page pilot provides catalog that's on hand at no cost. airplane Spruce has visible an increasing marketplace for pilot provides over the last decade and determined, for the ease of its shoppers, to extract the pilot offers from its accomplished aviation catalog and placed all of them in a single position, in colour. items within the new catalog contain tested items like hand held GPS and nav/coms, JPI and Electronics overseas engine screens and scanners, headsets, intercoms, flight baggage, plotters, desktops, laminated payment lists, folding motorcycles, oxygen platforms, windsocks, survival equipment, flight jackets, Scheyden sun shades, climate stations, flashlights, Jeppesen and ASA flight education items, aviation software program and simulators, charts, video clips, books, and masses extra.

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Written by veteran airline pilot Milt Jines. Jines used his many years of line flying and personal traveling experience to put together a comprehensive collection of sights commonly seen from the air into one convenient spiral-bound book. Thousands of listings of geological, historical and statistical points of interest in a state-by-state format. 359 pages. Measures 8 1/2” x 11” x 3/4”. Skyclopedia 2011... PN 13-05692 ....... com • Call Toll Free: 877-477-7823 Prices Subject to Change Without Notice ASA’s new electronic flight computer is a price/performance breakthrough, resulting from advances in display and microcomputer technologies.

50 E6-B4 - All alum. 25 E6-B HIGH SPEED SLIDE - Picks up where and ASA-E6B metal flight computer leaves off, providing calculations for the high-speed realm of flight (in the range of 220-700 knots or mph). Pilots simply replace their current slide with this one, which then continues to use the circular computer from traditional E6-Bs. , and the most frequently used weight and balance formulas; all of the pertinent formulas and information required for high-altitude, high-speed operations. Comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

The Atis Wheel™ is a mechanical device designed to help the airplane pilot in recording all ATIS information while presenting the data as a graphic depiction. 5” wheels positioned about the perimeter of the device along with two, 3” concentric wheels positioned in the center. Each wheel’s topic coincides with the sequential information reported in the airport terminal broadcast. Once the information is entered onto the Atis Wheel™, this displayed information is now available to the pilot for continued reference without the possibility of transcription error or forgetting the pertinent ATIS data.

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