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In conjunction with the War Office they were A selected 32 landing-places. local committee of three military and three civilians planned the laying out of each new aerodrome. Twenty-five similar sites were under construction, the idea being to cover the entire area of the Northern and Eastern departments. All the aerodromes were joined up by telephone, and there were three alternative routes from Bordeaux to Biarritz, with an aggregate of 123 landing-places. With seaplane craft the French had not made much headway.

Already many of our cities, manufacturing centres, and positions of military importance lie within easy reach of Amsterdam, When that aeroplane radius Paris, and Brussels. extends to three, and the Zeppelin to 600, it will include Metz, Cologne, Bremen, Milan, Berne, Innsbruck, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Saragossa (Spain), Christiania, and Bergen (Norway). World supremacy for us then will be mastery of GEOGRAPHICAL CONDITIONS 17 air. Such mastery can only be achieved with an unceasing, unlimited supply of money and craft.

Ten years ago Herr Martin published in Berlin a re- markable book entitled Berlin-Baghdad, in which " " he stated authoritatively that the future of Germany lies in Asia and in the air. Principally he deals with the vast plateau that lies between the Himalayas and the Altai range, that is known as the Gobi Desert. Here is a fine natural aerodrome some hundreds of square miles in area. g o< . fc c: . L. was the Parse val classes, 2? class a distinctive lettering. Z. Luftschift Zeppelin. To the Navy were apportioned two squadrons of four ships and a reserve apiece, and there was a common station possessed of four double revolving sheds.

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