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Kohn, op. , pp. 29 f. 5. Heinrich und Julius Hart, "Unsere Gemeinschaft," Das Reich der Erfiillung (Jena, 1900), 1. Heft, p. 93. In addition to Das Reich der Erfiillung, of which only two issues appeared, the Neue Gemneinschaftalso sponsored public lectures and discussions. Gustav Landauer describes a meeting of the Neue Gemeinschaft in Gustav Landauer. Sein Lebensgang in Briefen, ed. Martin Buber (Frankfurt, 1929), I, 59 f. 6. "Vom h6chsten Wissen," Reich der Erfiillung, 1. Heft, p. 16. None of the essays in the volume are signed; presumably they were written either by Heinrich or Julius Hart.

Trij (more than a dozen examples, nearly all of them from the eleventh and twelfth centuries). 119. This was the honorific title of the Fatimid vizier al-Jarjari'i (in office: 1027 until his death in March 1045); Ibn al-Sayrafi,al-lshara ila man nala al-wizara, ed. v. "Al-Mucizz b. Bidis is known from Islamic sources to have been in correspondence with this vizier; Idris, Zirides, I, 173. 120. Rayyis, meaning "head," is used liberally in the Geniza when referring to men of stature: Gaons, judges, Nagids, Nasis, physicians, etc.

1 Gustav Landauer, Buber's dear friend, whom he first met in the Neue Gemeinschaft, argues in a similar vein for the identity of the deepest strata of subjective consciousness and the universal community of being, men and things. '3 This isolation is 7. "Die neue Gemeinschaft,"Das Reich der Erfiillung, 2. Heft (1901), p. 9. 8. Julius Hart, "Der neue Mensch," Das Reich der Erfillung, 2. Heft, p. 24. 9. Ibid. 10. Julius Hart, "Von der Qberwindungder Gegensitze," Das Reich der Erfiillung, 2. Heft, p.

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