By Angus Konstam

The 50 years ahead of the yank Civil warfare observed a growth within the building of coastal forts within the u . s . a .. those stone and brick forts stretched from New England to the Florida Keys, and so far as the Mississippi River. firstly of the conflict a few have been positioned within the secessionist states, and lots of fell into accomplice arms. even supposing a handful of key websites remained in Union palms through the struggle, the rest needed to be received again via bombardment or attack. This e-book examines the layout, building and operational heritage of these fortifications, akin to fortress Sumter, castle Morgan and castle Pulaski, which performed an important half throughout the Civil struggle.

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Book Eight, ‘War-Plans’, will deal with the organization of a war as a whole. Several chapters of it have already been drafted, but they must not in any sense be taken as being in final form. They are really  Two Notes by the Author no more than a rough working over of the raw material, done with the idea that the labour itself would show what the real problems were. That in fact is what happened, and when I have finished Book Seven I shall go on at once and work out Book Eight in full. My main concern will be to apply the two principles mentioned above, with the idea of refining and simplifying everything.

Only one more element is needed to make war a gamble––chance: the very last thing that war lacks. No other human activity is so continuously or universally bound up with chance. And through the element of chance, guesswork and luck come to play a great part in war. . Not Only Its Objective But Also Its Subjective Nature Makes War a Gamble If we now consider briefly the subjective nature of war––the means by which war has to be fought––it will look more than ever like a gamble. The element in which war exists is danger.

This, in fact, is the view that has been taken of the matter whenever some discord between policy and the conduct of war has stimulated theoretical distinctions of this kind. But in reality things are different, and this view is thoroughly mistaken. In reality war, as has been shown, is not like that. Its violence is not of the kind that explodes in a single discharge, but is the effect of forces that do not always develop in exactly the same manner or to the same degree. At times they will expand sufficiently to overcome the resistance of inertia or friction; at others they are too weak to have any effect.

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